Are we there yet? Great Australian road trips

Australian road trips

It is summer time and you’re looking forward to some adventure. Whether it involves going out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new or just going on a vacation, you want to do something eventful with your summer. Well you’re in luck because this article will inform you about some of the best road trips New South Wales has to offer. Australia is home to some of the most magnificent places of scenic beauty in the world- which marks the essence of a good road trip. So sit back, relax and start planning your next epic road trip adventure with our top picks.

Sydney to Melbourne

Travel between these two most popular cities of Australia presents you with plentiful opportunities to explore new places. From taking the historic Great Ocean Road to getting some shut eye at the Blue pool, this road trip is highly recommended. Moreover, you can cruise along the Murray River which borders the nearby small towns of Walwa and Tindaltra- offering a refreshing contrast between the city life and small town life. All in all, the Sydney to Melbourne journey is one that passes through some spectacular scenic viewpoints that will leave you in awe.

Sydney to Port Macquarie

This road trip is truly unique. When you feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this journey is the one for you. With historic towns like Stroud offering a viewthat stands in stark contrast to modern architectural developments and rural roads like Bucketts Way- that lead to the Bucketts Mountains- this road trip presents you with an opportunity to observe country life.

Australian road trips

The South Coast

Rent a campervan and head out to explore this wonder of nature. One of the best road trips New South Wales has to give; the south coast is abundant in marine and national parks and has relatively remote beaches. It also presents you with a chance to see the famous Kiama Blowhole- shooting off water as high as 20 meters into the air. Moreover, through the Grand Pacific Drive, you can head over to the Royal National Park and just enjoy some of the best pristine beaches of New South Wales. You can also visit the Jervis Bay, where you can go swim with the dolphins and indulge in whale watching.

The Central West

This road trip is especially good for the people who want to revel in the wonders of nature. Not only can you go camping at the Darling River but you can also cruise along the Bells Line of Road that borders the mountain ranges- giving off a great scenic view. It’s a great place to just observe the beauty of the Western Plains. Moreover there are some good restaurants and pubs that you can visit when you feel like grabbing something good to eat.

So these are our top four road trips New South Wales offers to both locals and tourists. Road trips are all about having fun while creating new memories and experiencing new things. It may even be worth considering renting a motorhome in Sydney for your adventure ahead!

Therefore, let our list of some of the most exciting road trips be part of your travel plans and we guarantee that you’ll have a summer to remember.