The Best Walks To Do When Traveling Down Under

Taking a trip down under? Interested in experiencing the incredible beauty Australia has to offer? With more than 2.92 million square miles to explore, finding the right trails can be challenging. Below is a quick review of some of our most beloved trails from New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.


1. New South Wales (NSW)

While the Great River Walk or the Cape Bayron Walking Track are great, nothing quite beats the excitement and thrilling views of the Royal National Park (as well as the must see ‘wedding cake rock’ as shown in the image above). With an incredible ocean front cliff walk, you can explore costal habitats, grasslands, and forests. A fantastic way to see some of the best parts of NSW landscapes, a variety of trails let you explore various parts of this expansive park. If you become bored at some point, you can always travel north to Bouddi National Park.


2. Queensland (QLD)

Queensland has no lack of natural beauty and the walking trails that have been discovered by the locals, really do it justice. Some of our favorites include the Sunshine Coast hinterlands, Cooloola Wilderness Trail, Fraser Island Great Walk, and the Mackay Highlands. If we had to select a single walk however, we would probably end up going with the Gold Coast Hinterlands. Providing views that are simply spectacular (especially when the sun is setting), the Gold Coast Hinterlands combine steep inclines with rainforest and hills to make a land that feels forgotten by time. There are a wide range of critters you will see as you hike around the Tweed Volcano and throughout other parts of the surrounding landscape.


3. Victoria

When it comes to Australia, it is quite hard to go wrong when taking a hike and Victoria is no different. Victoria offers a wide selection of hikes, including the Taggerty Cascades Walk, the Shelly Beach Circuit Walk, the Great Walhalla Aplie Trail, the Glen Nayook Rainwater Walk, and the Great Prom Walk. However, if we had to select a single walk to recommend, then it would probably be the Thurra River Dunes walk. The walk can be done at Croajingolong National Park in Tamboon Victoria. It includes amazing dunes and fantastic landscapes on all sides.

Just The Beginning

The list above is just the beginning of what Australia has to offer. While we provided a look at our favorite trails, there are dozens more in each territory that are worth your time and attention (see here for more). Best of luck as you figure out what trails are for you!