Photo tours in Cuba led by Louis Alarcon


For any common sightseeing journey a balance requirements to be struck among organized visits and free time permitting participants to sightsee for themselves. On Photo tours and photographic workshops in Cuba the balance moves heavily in courtesy of the planned actions. It is vital that arrangements turn round the photography, filling the greatest of the accessible light with valuable visits with sufficient flexibility to take benefit of any unforeseen prospects arising.

This balance could only be attained by thorough investigation and planning plus should comprise a good deal of input from those who would actually provide the tourism services. In maximum cases this will mean the ground representatives but could also mean substantial input from the principal photographer if they are acquainted with the destination as well as have precise plans in mind.

The concept

The preparation begins by considering of a theme or else approach to a specific destination. It is this emphasis that, eventually, makes the alteration among a general visit as well as a coherent package of steady interest.


Numerous destinations have an optimum season or else at least periods value avoiding. Usually photography tours will be strategic for these, however the photographic opening might be different from that of overall tourists and, maybe, even the opposite. While sunbathers welcome blue skies, blue, photographers usually prefer to have certain clouds about plus will get some of their finest shots with ominous hazes looming.

A Photo tours and photographic workshops in Cuba based round a particular even, a fiesta say, cannot evade a peak time and the crowds as well as higher values that come through such times – however other journeys can precisely select a time that is shoulder or else off-season so as to there are less interruptions in compositions.


A distinctive tourist group would aim to visit numerous sites at a fast step to ‘see more’. A collection of photographers instead are more probable to base themselves in one place as well as then explore thorough. This is essential in order to be capable to locate imaginative substitutes of steady scenes as well as also since the light and weather might just not play ball at the first chance.

Less tourism means more time dedicated on the job in hand – receiving a few great pictures rather than a big collection of middling ones. It furthermore means that the collection are less exhausted and, so, more capable to cope with the quick starts and late finishes that actually are vital to their craft.


Photography tours plus workshops are a very distinct case for tour planning and need a number of issues to be brought together so as to provide an excellence experience. Journeys that have not been intended precisely for photographers are improbable to permit for visits throughout at the times that are optimum.

If you actually want to get outstanding images then you requisite to check with tour operatives to see precisely what services are comprised in their photography trips as well as whether these match your prospects. It by no means hurts to ask, as well as a good reply is further indication that you would be looked after throughout the trip. Visit More: