Packing tips and tricks

Everyone, who has ever traveled to another area, knows packing is not even remotely fun. Moreover, it can be downright stressful and anxiety-inducing. Here are 8 packing tips and tricks, which will help you with this not-so-easy task!

  1. Plan Outfits Beforehand

Decide which items of clothing you might need to take with you. Research the weather conditions of your destination and see if you have anything you might need. We recommend opting for simple and multifunctional articles, which can be paired with many others. This way you won’t need to pack a lot of clothing.


  1. Make A Checklist Of Everything You Plan On Taking With You

Look up and think hard about everything you will need in the long run. There is no need to bring your ski mask to Hawaii, but there is a need for you to grab the basic medicine. Make a checklist of the items you plan on taking with you and pack according to it. You don’t want to arrive at the airport and find out you forgot your ID and insurance information, do you? It also goes for your gadgets and grooming kit; otherwise, you have every chance of having to run around while looking for a payphone or barbering services.

  1. Size Down

Repackage all of your gels, lotions, sprays, and other semi-liquid products into the smaller travel-sized bottles. A lot of companies don’t allow you to bring the full-size products. You can purchase a bunch of these for less than $10 dollars.

  1. Check Your Bags

Make sure your bags are empty before you decide to pack your belongings. It will spare you the trouble of trying to unearth whatever the security deems forbidden from the sea of clothing. Remove everything unnecessary to free more space and prevent the unwanted surprises.


  1. Wrap Up

If you need to bring something easily breakable or extremely delicate, we recommend wrapping these things in your clothing. It will protect them by softening the impact if your bag falls or you hit it on something. Utilize this trick with all of your electronics and souvenirs.

  1. Roll Up

Roll up your articles of clothing instead of folding them. This way you can squeeze more stuff into your bag without overpacking it.

  1. Pack Liquids Separately

Throw your liquids into a small separate bag. This way you won’t have to go through your whole baggage if you need to remove them at the custom. It will save you both time and mental breakdown without the additional hassle.

  1. Put The Valuable Items In A Carry-On Bag

Remember to put your phone, your charger, your ID, and other papers, as well as everything valuable to you in a separate carry-on bag, which you will take with you on a plane. This way you will always have the necessities on you even if your baggage does get lost in the process. Don’t forget about cash and your credit cards. You don’t want to get stranded with no means of payment on you.

Follow these simple recommendations from to avoid getting stressed out when packing your bags!