Port Canaveral Hotels for Cruisers


Booked to cruise in Port Canaveral? Fantastic, as the fastest growing port in America, cruises are becoming more affordable and one of the most sought out ways to vacation. What’s next though? The cruise is booked, now it’s time to book a precruise hotel.

Flying or driving in a day early is highly recommended by all expert cruisers. Flight delays can set the vacation back, and the ship will sail without having everyone aboard. Then the only way to get on the ship is to play catch up and fly in to another port like in Nassau, and those last minute tickets can run a few thousand $’s!

Lucky for you, a company has set up all in one hotel packages. Go Port Canaveral has partnered with over 30 hotels to create packages exclusively for cruisers. With an unbelievable selection of hotels located in Orlando, Cocoa Beach & more, like the Homewood Suites, Florida Hotel, Hilton, Go Port Canaveral offers something for everyone’s taste and budget. Fly Snooze Cruise is for those flying into Orlando MCO, Melbourne International, or Sanford Airports. They come pick you up from the airport and provide the transportation to the desired hotel, spend the night at the hotel chosen, and then they pick you up and drop of promptly at the cruise terminals to begin the vacation! Once the cruise returns, they take you back to your airport. Removes the hassle of booking everything separately and at a much affordable price.

If you’re driving in instead of flying in, there is also an exclusive package from Go Port Canaveral. It’s called a Snooze Park Cruise. Book a hotel of your choice, drive in, spend the night, get free cruise parking at the hotel or a lot (depending on the hotel) and get roundtrip transportation from the lot to the cruise terminals. Very simple, to the point. Why spend $150+ on cruise parking alone at the terminals when you can spend less than $100 for a night at a hotel with free cruise parking?

These cruiser exclusive packages are the way to go. Save money before you cruise, kick start your vacation, and get one of the packages. Trust me, it will remove a lot of stress of how you’re going to get from Orlando International Airport, to the cruise, and back. Although, if you’re only looking for transportation or simply cruise parking alternatives, they offer that as well. With the lowest rate for Port Canaveral, Go Port Canaveral has transportation from Orlando MCO to the terminal starting as low as $14.50 per person each way. That’s only $29 for roundtrip. And instead of paying by the day with cruise parking, you can receive free cruise parking by just paying for the transportation from the lot to the cruise and back for as little as $10 per person. Get up to 30 days of free parking and save over $100 compared to other lots.

We hope they expand soon to other ports because this service has been nothing short of amazing. Each hotel package can be customized, add more nights, or get return use to the hotel after the cruise. Visit them at to learn more and book.