Enjoying Special Meal Time with Family in Orchard Singapore

Besides famous with its shopping center, Orchard Singapore has the great place to enjoy dinner with family. In this occasion, we will talk about some kinds of the best restaurant in Orchard, which can be the list of destination, when you want to enjoy your holiday. I am sure that attending the special restaurant will give the new experience in your holiday. Now, let us see the kind of the best restaurant in Orchard Singapore below.

Les Amis

The first kind of the special restaurant in Orchard Singapore is the Les Amis. When we see the name of this restaurant, we will know that it is kind of French restaurant. Yes, Les Amis is the special French restaurant in Singapore, which will pleasant their customer with the nice classical decoration and the various menu. This restaurant is special, especially when you want to have the romantic dinner with your new husband or wife. Some special facilities are also available, such as the private place and others.

Din Tai Fung

When you are longing with the taste of Asian menu, you can go to Din Tai Fung restaurant. Yes, this restaurant is one of the special choices in Orchard Singapore. Actually, it is one of the best Taiwanese restaurants in Singapore. There are many kinds of the special Asian menu, which will pleasant your tongue, such as the braised beef noodle, pork wonton soup, and others. In other hand, it is also special with many options of free refill in drink. See, how special it is!

Crystal Jade Golden Place

When you want to go to the kind of modern and high-class restaurant in Orchard Singapore, Crystal Jade Golden Place can be what you want to go. Yes, this restaurant is special with the elite concept in arrangement and decoration. Actually, it is a Chinese restaurant. Inside this restaurant, you will find the kind of special Chinese food with the high taste, such as the Chinese yum, Peking duck and others. I am sure that it will color your dinner perfectly!

Well, we lay in the conclusion now. The three kind of the restaurant can be one of the special choices for you. The kinds of restaurant provide the special menu and place to color your holiday. Of course, there are still many choices of the restaurant in Singapore. See the list of catalogue to know the kind of it. I hope it will be useful for you all.