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Liebherr area MLA, a city and birbhum district in West Bengal as Labpur of bolpur subdivision of a community development section. From a very basic tarasankar liebherr area as among the most famous of the Bengalees of Bengali literature offer to win. Liebherr mayurakshi river flood plains from the area and offers a large site which makes it an interesting place to visit is located at. From liebherr area vidhan Sabha constituencies that include many Gram Panchayats Bipratikuri, Karunnahar, Chauhatta, hatiya, Dwarka, solidify and Thiba. Liebherr from Massanjore dam also floods the area prone to Beaver area known as Tilpara often highlight makes waterlogged as water.

From liebherr area highlights

Durga Puja and there are two main Festival travel from liebherr area rash and when it’s time to devotees and tourists come here from all parts of Bengal. This day trip is rash, Thakurwadi, Rathtala where Krishna annual festival organized a huge rally. Fullara Mela (fair) is another major attraction from liebherr area.


Hindu Mythology, Fullara site where goddess sati fell and the lips is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas follows accordingly. Fullara Bengali Mela magh (mid-January) takes place on the night of the full moon of the month is. There Fullara BC. Devi is a large lake where Hanuman Shree ramchandra collect 108 of Durga Puja of is required by Blue Lotus.

Govind Sagar

Laghata basically River, where a large statue of Lord Krishna Govind Sagar Lake was found to be a part of a time. Govind Sagar is located by the side of Rathtala.


Antique short line railway station is located at a distance of 1 km, Thakurwadi decorated with precious marble stones is famous for an ancient temple. Satyanarayana was founded by mamata Banerjee, the Temple of Lord Ganesha and kartik sculptures of various Hindu deities.

A market where things are sold in different varieties. Weekly market access, but now every day and vegetables, household, wooden material, iron content and vendors sit pottery sales.

How to reach Kolkata from liebherr area for

From liebherr area is very well connected with Kolkata by rail. Train trave four couples; Ahmadpur-cut narrow gauge line l daily. One is that getting any train from Howrah on the head can take a trip and narrow gauge line towards bardhaman can be found in.