Tourism in Leh and Ladakh

Famous tourist spots in Ladakh Globetrotters as “terrace in the world is one of the most s o u g h t  a f t e r. A h i g h e l e v a t i o n  c o l d desert, the world’s great Himalayan and Ladakh mountain range, that Karokarom is surrounded by two mountain ranges.

Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir Valley is located in the northern coast, with its endless array of natural treasures audience attention to behold. Rush down the icy river gushing sound of high glaciers, snow-capped mountains and distant, and shivering cold wave clear blue sky “overhead died” are highlights of touches a very good way.

At Indo-Aryan and ethnic Tibetan community in India and Central Asia, which Ladakh between to serve as an important trade route used for the population. People here are very lively and technique learned a harsh weather and desert land.

Buddhism Valley has a huge impact on native. Every nook and corner of the Valley of the snake illusion, some cool monasteries or gompa, a Buddhist Kingdom did not feel the last time as Ladakh is full of a variety of Buddhist sects. Namgyal Tsemo gompa, Shey gompa, Hemis monastery, Spituk monastery Valley has some of the best of the monasteries.

Mainly contained Leah or nearby areas, monasteries Buddhist culture and traditions of a rich reservoir. The rhythmic and colorful dance festivals in Ladakh Buddhist here chanting monks actually creates a fascinating atmosphere. Apart from holidays come here is a glimpse of the mesmerizing dance drama.

Monasteries in addition, Leah Leh Palace, Palace and Museum, peace stupa in Stoke City in the Ladakh Valley 3,505 meters is one of the most important tourist destinations is decorated with some such as sea level height, United States of America barren mountainous region Leh Ladakh region depends on the gateway. In addition to being a favorite destination for holidays, Ladakh adventure game is a perfect place for various types.

Trekking, hiking, white water rafting famous adventure game that every passenger it himself or herself wants to do are some of the. Markha Valley Trek is Spituk gompa Lamayuru to chilling or Ladakh is a popular trekking trails in the Valley.

In addition to participating in the adventure tourists also wildlife tourism can attach themselves. Hemis high altitude National Park, various rare here in the middle of Ladakh, various wildlife species is a well-known Habitat. This Asiatic ibex, blue sheep, bharal or Tibetan antelope and deer shelter ankhovalum small Tibetan standing crisp etc also Brown-headed gulls, hoopoe, Raven, Red-billed chaf, Tibetan ramchakor AVI-fauna species Chukar and 225 provide this crane etc-necked

Ladakh is your destination, some turquoise and silver jewelry that comes from Tibet and Myanmar shopping don’t miss out. In addition, some Tibetan and don’t forget to buy the Ladakhi artifacts, either Government or stores or Ladakh art Palace, Lhasa Thangka embroidery Center, small prayer wheels, music, bowling, stoles shawls and carpets, rugs, Ladakhi pictures. Old Leh Tibetan refugees on the road to buy some and market presence.