Morro Jable tourist information

Morro Jable is a resort located on southern Fuerteventura. The city is actually two parts, Jandia Morro Jable, which is a modern resort, and consists of the old fishing village. Both parts, which are merged together into one another, as well as many travel brochures by Jandia. More items, known as “peninsular” Jandia is located in the city skit.

Morro Jable is now the most popular island resorts, German and British holidays. This fine white sand that its spectacular best beaches is known for miles section. Playa de Matorral light column is known as the middle class and is suitable for young children. Playa de Matorral and in a safe area between the natural salt marshes route.

Windsurfing, Jet skiing, sailing and water sports are available in Morro Jable, including an excellent choice. The most popular tour is a luxurious catamaran sailing trip around the Jandia peninsula. Resort 807 meters, the highest point on Pico de Zarza is a short distance of the island. Many are trying to climb a mountain vacations-from the Summit and spectacular views, it is advisable you well prepared with food, water and Sun CAP should be done, even if you’re trying to go.

Avenida del Saladar recourse through the main street. Trees line the route, which Beach, bars, cafes and restaurants with a variety of parallel runs. There are also many shopping centers, Morro Jable as Cosmo Centro Comercial are in. Cosmo resort is the focal point of the Center; As well as many stores, the complex also hosts a market on Thursday morning and Center home is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera oil, which really pain, soothe produced staple crops of the island can help-if you are suffering from a bit of sunburn is a good place to come.

Morro Jable most nightlife takes place in Cosmo around the Center Pub. Although the resort there are a couple of disco, the operation is much less important. Around old Harbor area, offering traditional local sourced seafood restaurant is packed with. Chinese promenade there are a variety of services with a range of restaurants, including Italian and canarian dishes are.

Jandia 18 hole Golf Club is 3 miles (5 km) North of the resort is located. The par 72 course, designed and Ron Kirby, one of the great benefits of natural setting was opened in 2007. This is the most challenging, of course, is recommended for more experienced players.

The new route, which opened in 2005, Morro Jable transfer time Fuerteventura airport, 55 miles (90km) have been reduced. Caleta De Fuste measures ever to buses and airport. Morro Jable Tourism Office is located in the Centro Comercial Cosmo. Maps and information about around here is both. There are Madrid and La pamajan de Morro Jable on ferries from Canaria are to serve.